The Finest MMA Cages and Equipment!

Raised MMA cage from Stronghold CagesFor MMA Cages and all the accessories, Stronghold Cages is the only place to go.

We distribute and rent MMA cages.

All our MMA cage models are constructed from the highest quality steel and raw materials.  Each MMA cage is pre-assembled in the shop before shipping out to you.  This extra time and attention means a trouble-free assembly in your gym.

Our floor cage model is an ideal arena for a training gym.  Depend on Stronghold Cages for your MMA cages and equipment.  it for training and kick-boxing.

The MMA Competition Pro Elevated Hexagon Cage brings your gym to a new level.  Your seated audience can see everything that happens in the cage from every angle.  All sides are equally great for viewing, which makes this cage great for paid fights or training scenarios.

If you are thinking about taking things mobile, the portable floor ring is perfect for you.  This model is ideal for on-site self-defense training and MMA fitness.

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